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These laboratories provide all modern equipments required with latest state of art to conduct all types of experiments. The Pharma Chemistry Lab-1 is used for testing and quality assurance of drugs. The Pharmaceutics lab is used to formulate the medicines and is the only lab to have the latest equipments i.e. Flame Photometer, KF Titrator and Calori Meter for testing and quality control for formulation of medicine. Besides these there is also a Drug Museum being maintained by the institute where modern drugs are displayed so that, students of the institute remain updated with the latest inventions going on in the world of pharmaceutical sciences.

The Institute maintains the following laboratories

  • » Pharmacognosy.
  • » Pharmaceutical Microbiology.
  • » Pharmaceutics.
  • » Pharmacology.
  • » Physical Pharmacy.
  • » Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I.
  • » Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II.
  • » Biochemistry.
  • » Pharmaceutical Engineering.
  • » Pharmaceutical Analysis.
  • » Computer.
  • » Pharmaceutics Lab-II.
  • » Language Lab.
  • » Instrument Lab.

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